Report „Poles and Ukrainians in daily contacts“

Poland and Ukraine are linked not only by 535 kilometers of a common border, but also by a long and sometimes painful common history.

In recent years, the two countries have been increasingly connected by the unprecedented economic migration of Ukrainians to Poland, which has largely reshaped interactions between Poles and Ukrainians. The opinion-polls based research, conducted by the Representations of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine and Poland, Foreign Policy Council Ukrainian Prism and the College of Eastern Europe in Wroclaw (New Eastern Europe magazine) revealed that mutual perceptions, stereotyping and associations have been marked by this new migration wave, as well as by the developments in bilateral political relations, security situation in the region and recent memory wars. The authors of the report are Nadiia Koval, Laurynas Vaičiūnas and Iwona Reichardt.




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